Joshua J. Carlos
Game Designer - Artist

Resume Last Updated: 01/25/2017

    I am versatile, a problem solver and I love a good challenge.  I have been in the industry for 10+ years and shipped 3 AAA titles (Mafia 3 as a Tech/ Environmental Artist and Dead Space 3 and Hunted: The Demons Forge as a Level Designer). I have a Bachelors Degree in Video Game Art & Design from the Art Institute of Los Angeles, where I excelled in Level Design, Scripting and Prototyping.  My degree and my thirst for knowledge led  me to learn many other positions and programs,  my well rounded knowledge and my positive attitude allows me to communicate across the different disciplines clearly and easily.  I am currently working on an IP for mobile devices using Unity and Google Cardboard.  I love to create games that push the envelope, are user friendly and fun.

Thank you for your time,
Joshua J. Carlos

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Accomplishments & Highlights
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Current Projects
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Position: Everything | Completion: 70% Complete | Copyright Joshua J. Carlos 2013

Genre: VR Exploration Simulation RPG with rogue like elements and ties to real life

In this game you take control of a Micro-Harvester (a rover designed to mine and extract cells from ore.) and venture into the unknown........ searching...... finding, harvesting.................. surviving?.

Recent Projects
-recent projects-


Blind Squirrel Games
Position: Level Designer 

I was involved in creating prototypes for various companies utilizing revolutionary technologies and gameplay techniques.
Used Unity 3D and UE4.

-recent projects-

Mafia 3

Blind Squirrel Games/ Hangar 13/ 2K Games
Position: Environmental Artist/ 3D Generalist/ Tech Artist | Released: 10/07/16  

Genre: Open World Action Adventure

An open world game set in 1968 New Bordeaux where you play as a veteran who came home to find himself in a different kind of war.

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Contract work

Position: Art, Design, Programming
Completion: 100%  | Copyright DJ Mattbornn 2015

Genre: EDM Music Video

A commissioned music video created for DJ Mattbornn using Unity. "Dangerous"

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Global Game Jam 2016

Position: Programming/Art/Design/Project Managment  | Completion: 100%

The theme: Waves
My game: Bench Warmers Extreme

Unfortunalty I was only able to jam for 12 hrs solo this year.
Type A-Z to make a wave.
- Hint: Speed and Consistency create the best looking waves.
- Note: After typing play in the title screen please do not press anything until the next level loads in completely.

DownLoad and Play!
You must extract folder then find and execute the .exe...

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More School

Position: 70% Programming | Completion: 100%

Genre: Shooter

I am currently attending classes at Udemy, my thirst for knowledge shall never be quenched.
In this game, I used a class project from Udemy(Learn to code by making games.) and enhanced it by adding various waves/types, weapon upgrades, health...and a Boss.
I did not create the art or music.

Play Game
Controls: Space/Mouse: Fire AWSD/DPad: Move

Past Projects
-past projects-

Frantic Family

Position: Everything | Completion: 50% Complete | Copyright Joshua J. Carlos 2013

Genre: Simulation Social Haberdashery of Interactions

Struggle to save your family from a disasterous morning. Dont relax just yet, your family is also part of the problem.

-past projects-

Global Game Jam 2015

Position: Programming/Art/Design/Project Managment  | Completion: 100%

The theme: Ritual
Our Game: Familiar Fiends

I was the programmer on a team of 3, I also had some influence on the design.
An imprisoned spellcaster seeks the help of summoned creatures in order to traverse the netherworld and accomplish their world-changing goal from the comforts of their dreary cell.

DownLoad and Play!
You must extract folder then find and execute the .exe...

-past projects-

Global Game Jam 2015

UC Irvine
Position: Programming/Art/Design/Project Managment  | Completion: 100%

The theme: What do we do now?
Our game: Robot Rescue

I lead a taleneted team of 7 through a 3 day jam and triumphed! Despite major computer problems.
Your faithful robot friend CR-T1 is lost on a far away space station. You have to help guide him through the hallways and robots in search of nice and tasty power cells to keep him going. But beware! There may be evil monsters about!

DownLoad and Play!
You must extract folder then find and execute the .exe...
Controls: point and click where you want to suggest CR-T1 to go.

-past projects-

Dead Space 3

Visceral Games/ EA
Position: Associate Level Designer | Released: 02/05/2013

Genre: Co-op 3rd Person Shooter Survival Horror

An innovative co-op adventure through a horrific future... good thing there are a lot of weapons in the future.

-past projects-

Hunted: The Demons Forge

InXile Entertainment/ Bethesda
Position: Level Designer/ Scripter | Released: 05/31/2011

Genre: Co-op Action Game

In this co-op adventure, you fight your way through various enemies and environments, but beware, you might find yourself as the greatest enemy.

-past projects-


InXile Entertainment/ Codemasters
Position: Level Desiner/ Scripter | Completion: 80% - Cancelled

Genre: Open World Action Game

Set in the 70's San Francisco, take control of a team of 4 and rob banks.
Plan the heist, get the loot and get out alive... hopefully.